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Fatal Flight

The True Story of
Britain's Last Great Airship


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The audio version of Fatal Flight is available to purchase on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Or, you can listen to it for free here, on YouTube, iTunes, or Stitcher.

The book's figures and appendices can be viewed and read below; the appendices are not included in the audio version.

This audiobook is released under a Creative Commons ShareAlike Non-Commerical License, which allows you to freely share and adapt it for non-commerical uses.

You can listen to the complete book below, or listen chapter by chapter. You can download each of these files as an mp3; you can also download the complete book in ogg format or as a zip file of the individual chapters (other ways to download).

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Individual Chapters

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Prologue: The Perennial Promise of Airships

Chapter 1: The Debut of the Great British Airship

Chapter 2: Airborne at Last

Chapter 3: An Inept Commander Takes Charge

Chapter 4: Inside the Great Airship

Chapter 5: Problems with the Cloth Cover

Chapter 6: The Airship Flies Again

Chapter 7: Radical Surgery

Chapter 8: Depature for India

Chapter 9: To Ride the Storm

Chapter 10: The Causes of R.101's Crash

Epilogue: Stories of the Survivors and the Fate of British Airships

Closing Credits

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complete book in ogg format

zip file of individual chapters in mp3 format

zip file of individual chapters in ogg format