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Bill Hammack's Audio Work

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Bill has been an active contributor to public radio since 1999. His home station is Illinois Public Media/AM-580 and he was a frequent commentator on Marketplace. He has broadcast over 200 short pieces on all manner of engineering and technology subject. You can browse them in his extensive audio archive, all of which were published in a book entitled How Engineers Create the World. In addition to creating commentaries he often substituted as a guest host for WILL-AM 580/Illinois Public Media's morning and afternoon talk shows. He usually focuses on scientific and engineering subjects, but he didn't neglect the arts -- especially Shakespeare! Visit the complete archive - and stream or download any interview.

Bill Hammack at WILL Studios July 2001

In addition, Bill from time to time creates longer format pieces. He visited the Ice Hotel, where every year a group of intrepid people rebuild, in the arctic circle of Sweden, a hotel made of ice. In a four-part series Bill investigated the water supply of his hometown. In the series he reveals the source, limits, and the proper way to manage Champaign-Urbana's water supply. And in his piece An Engineer in Paris Bill uses his "engineer's eye" to find the masterstrokes of engineers in the "City of Light."