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How to support engineerguy

The goal of these videos is to inspire the next generation of innovative engineers by revealing the creativity used to design engineered objects. If you have questions about supporting EngineerGuy videos you can send me an email ( or text (217-689-1461).

Become an advance viewer

Before we release a video or publish a book we love feedback and insights from advance viewers and readers. Most often we'll share a a video in its early stages -- parts of it often in storyboard -- and ask you for your thoughts and opinions. We also share advance reader copies of books in preparation. To sign up fill out the form on this page.

Be an evangelist

When you see an engineerguy video you like spread the word: tweet it, put it on Facebook, and submit it to reddit. If you read one of our books and like it review it -- on your blog, on Amazon, or Goodreads.

Buy a book or poster

Several of our series have books and posters associated with them. Buying one of these supports our work.

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